Wedding Presets and Lightroom 5

  • Checking in on that review before editing your wedding picture
  • Lightroom 5 and how you can use it for your wedding images
  • Creating beautiful wedding photos with Lightroom 5

Many use Lightroom 5 for a lot of reasons. Aside from the fact that using this app expedites your editing procedure, it is also capable of churning out the best effects for your photos.


Especially with wedding photos. Lightroom 5 has all the amenities for you to have that great wedding photo in the process. You can experiment with this app, though, the moment you have downloaded it, but it still pays to learn from this Lightroom 5 wedding presets review.

If you can read a Lightroom 5 wedding presets review, chances are, you don’t need to worry anymore about what type of effect or motif that you can incorporate in your wedding photos, and Lightroom 5 will show you a listing of the best presets for that, so you can improve it the way it should be.

Most of the things that you can get from this Lightroom 5 wedding presets review are solutions for you to employ, and have a better photo editing. With so many presets to choose from, your wedding pictures will have the enhancement of a lifetime, putting a smile on that viewers face, and enriching the experience attached to that photo.

Those are more or less the effect of this Lightroom 5 wedding presets review. You can’t possibly have that with other apps, and you could say that Lightroom is making ways for you to ornament your wedding photos more than you can imagine.

Wedding photographers have their specific style of dealing with their subjects. They don’t shoot photos right away, they always consider the tools that they use. So if you can give these Lightroom presets to them, that will come as suitable presents for a photographer who is dealing with wedding pictures, day in and day out.
So start reading this Lightroom 5 wedding presets review, and create more stunning and beautiful wedding photos in the long run. Wedding photography has never been this good for quite some time. Only with Lightroom 5.

These Amazing Drones from QuadCopter Guru

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The web is replete with sites that offers quadcopters of all shapes and sizes. There seemed to be an endless list of amazing quadcopters online even as more and more photographers and videographers are using these things.

1 is among the many sites online that offers drones (another name of quadcopters) with some special features on it. Quadcopters are multi-rotor mini planes that can carry a camera with it for a much improved bird’s eye view angle. It is one of the gadgets that filmmakers use for their production in order for them to achieve variety and texture over a single scene.

Now, there’s a list of amazing quadcopters that you can read or buy at Yes, read, because it has a collection of reviews, too, so you can know more about these amazing gadgets that are capable of giving diversity as far as positioning and angle goes.

What a privilege if you can have this list of amazing quadcopters with you, courtesy of You need not go further online just to know more about this awesome drone that accentuates your photography and video-making adventure.

Get to know more about these gadgets, what they can actually add to your video-making, what leverage it can give you over other videographers. Needless to say, these quadcopters enhances your chances of generating more clients as soon as they see how awesome your images are.

So you need to check out this site right now,, and read their list of amazing quadcopters that you can use for your photos and videos. There’s no other way you can improve these images other than checking out

Cameradojo And Its Reviews

  • What are drones
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Drones, otherwise called “quadcopters” are quickly becoming the gadget to own. More and more people are getting into the trend of buying one for their own amusement or other purposes, whatever they may be. Drones are unmanned flying vehicles that can be operated remotely through a controller or nowadays, an app on a cell phone. Yes, that’s how cool it is. These drones can fly through the use of rotors which propel them upwards and take flight. Most manufacturers have added a slight flavor by adding a built-in camera capable of taking images and videos.

So, if you are planning to do aerial photography and thinking of getting one, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. First is to determine what you need the drone for. Will it be just for still images, or will you need to take videos?
  2. What other features are more important for you? There are a couple of things you need to figure out. Among those are flight time, downlink range and autopilot mode are the 3 things that come to mind when doing your research.
  3. What is your budget? Drones can be a bit pricey especially if you are going for the high end ones.
  4. Camera quality is also important. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and later on find out that the images you took are crap.

Reviews give you so much option when it comes to buying the appropriate gadget for your photography. As in the case of purchasing that supplement at, they have these iherb promo codes, so that you’ll have the perfect supplement in return. And that also applies with cameradojo and their informative reviews.

When you do your research, make sure to check flying drone reviews of 2016 at cameradojo reviews because it will guide you on which drones to go for. What those drones’ strong points are and what their disadvantages are. Flying drone cameradojo reviews are also honest and precise, so you need not worry about authenticity. Just remember, when shopping for a camera drone, compromise where you can but don’t settle for less.

Installing Lightroom Presets

  • What are lightroom presets
  • How do you install it
  • Where can I get free presets

In the field of image post processing software, only one company is king. That company is Adobe. They made Photoshop which is widely regarded as the best image post processing software in the business today simply because it can do anything you want it to do. You can manipulate elements of an image using this software. Whether you want to add or remove something, you can do it with Photoshop. But, Adobe didn’t stop there. They have also developed a more streamlined software that is more inclined to the photographers. It’s called Adobe Lightroom.

Lightroom is an image post processing software that is capable of non-destructive edits that Photoshop can do. Aside from that, it can also manage all the pictures in your computer. You can arrange and organize them using its library capabilities. Lightroom also has a unique feature where you can import and export presets. These presets are pre-saved settings that you can apply to any number of photos.

So how do you install it then? Follow these instructions:

  1. Download the lightroom presets free file. It should be a zip or rar file depending on which software you are using.
  2. Make sure to extract it and remember where you extracted it to.
  3. Open Adobe Lightroom.
  4. Go to the Develop option and click New Preset Folder on the menu.
  5. Make sure to populate it with the preset you downloaded before you click Create.
  6. Now, open an image and go to the section that says Presets.
  7. Click the Develop module and select the folder you just populated. Right click on the folder and hit Import.
  8. Go to the folder and make sure to select all the preset files. Presets files have an .lrtemplate suffix in them.
  9. Hit the Import button. Once it is done, you can restart Adobe Lightroom.
  10. You can now access the presets you downloaded.

Pretty simple right? If you are looking for lightroom presets free, you can visit Sleeklens’ website. They provide amazing free presets that you can use.

Benefits You Can Get with Adobe Lightroom Tutorials

  • A photo app that offers a video tutorial for your photo editing
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Seldom can you find a photo enhancing solution that offers  tutorial as one of its main features. That is more or less you get when you download Adobe Lightroom into your unit, you’ll have a corresponding video tutorial for you to get acquainted and make further improvements to your photos.


An Adobe Lightroom tutorial shows you how to navigate the tool, not just in an easy way, but in so many ways. This enables you to experiment with your photos in the process, because this tutorial is quite comprehensive enough that even non-photographers can easily understand.

But why is an Adobe Lightroom tutorial so valuable? Why is Lightroom providing you with a tutorial as soon as you download these tools for your photos.

  1. Personal and Experimental – This is, by far, one of the unique traits of Adobe Lightroom, you get to enhance your photo after your own heart. And a lesson or two from this Adobe Lightroom tutorial will jump start your desired of creating photos that suits your fancy and in your own experimental way.
  2. The Luminosity of It – If you can enhance your photo images in a way that they almost look like real characters, then this Adobe Lightroom tutorial will lead you there. Adobe Lightroo has the capacity to improve the aura of your photo images as if they are real, not just flat images crowding in your photos.

These two elements alone give you an idea on how your Adobe Lightroom tutorial can help as far as enhancing the texture, color and luminosity of your photos.

Download an Adobe Lightroom preset now and start learning from this cool Adobe Lightroom tutorial. And you will see the difference later.

A New Start with Journal of a Photographer


I am back in New York and happy to inform you about the launch of my new website Journal Of A Photographer.

Journal Of A Photographer is a continuation of New York Photoblog. Similar design, slightly adapted and with extended content. It’s a website dedicated to photojournalism and photography. You will not only find personal photographs and stories on my new site but also a continued series of audio interviews with renown photographers that should bring you insight views into their lifes. You’ll find photography book reviews as well as tutorials on my workflow, photojournalism news, events and competitons and an extensive links section with sites related to photography and journalism.

Journal Of A Photographer - A Photojournalism Blog and a website dedicated to photography and passion

I hope that you are going to enjoy Journal Of A Photographer at least as much as you enjoyed New York Photoblog! Thank’s for your support!

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February 14, 2006

Back to New York and the end of New York Photoblog

Ihu Anyanwu aka g.rizo pictured on Viennas Naschmarkt
Click image to enlarge

Dear friends, supporters and visitors of New York Photoblog,

I left New York about 3 months ago and went back to Vienna. I enjoyed the time back home, I continued to photograph, had a couple of assignments for a newspaper, enjoyed the time with my girlfriend and my family. But I also missed New York, it’s energy, it’s composure, it’s people, the streets…

About two weeks ago Mark Lubell and Claudine Boeglin from Magnum New York called me to ask me if I’d like to return to Magnum for another 3 months to work on an important project. This time I’d get payed, the internship is over. To make a long story short and not bother you with details, I said yes after my girlfriend said ok.

So I am happy to announce that I’ll be back in New York City from March to May 2006. Yeah baby, the adventure continues… 🙂
At the same time this is the official announcement of the end of New York Photoblog. Since I don’t know what time will bring and I can’t run a website about New York if I’m not there, I worked on a new project, a new website, a new blog that will be about photojournalism, photography and passion.
I am happy to have Lexar, ColorVision and Digital Railroad as sponsors for my new project. They again support me with their equipment and know-how. I am still negotiating with Canon and really hope that they’ll also continue to support me.

The new website “Journal Of A Photographer” will launch on March 1st 2006. So long you can check out my portfolio website or my Digital Railroad archive for some recent photographs.
New York Photoblog will of course stay online for now. Fell free to browse the archives or check out some of my favourite posts. I selected a couple of posts from New York Photoblog which I find most interesting, entertaining or somehow informative.

A selection of New York Photoblog posts

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So thank’s again for visiting New York Photoblog and stay tuned for the new site! Remember March 1st is the launch date for it!
I hope to see you again on “Journal Of A Photographer” soon.


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January 30, 2006

An evening protest in Vienna III

A small protest against the privatization of the Austrian Post

A small protest against the privatization of the Austrian Post
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January 24, 2006

An evening protest in Vienna II

A small protest against the privatization of the Austrian Post

A small protest against the privatization of the Austrian Post
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A couple of days ago the union of the Austrian Post called for a protest march against the privatization of the Austrian Post. They expected about 800 participants, about 350 came.
Anyway, they started to march at about 4:30 pm when it was almost dark. Not exactly what I’d call good light conditions to photograph. I used a flash to photograph in the beginning but I haven’t really been happy with the results. Since I didn’t have an assignment for that I decided to play round a little bit and shot without a flash and at times from 1 second to 1/6 of a second.
Obviously there is a lot of movement in the images. Usually not what I like to work with but I found the results interesting.

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January 23, 2006

An evening protest in Vienna

At a small protest against privatization of the Austrian Post
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January 18, 2006

How a valuable contact emerges through a coincidence

A marzipan replica of Austrian Federal Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel is dancing with Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik in the shop window of the "Imperial and Royal Court Confectionary Bakery" Demel in Vienna. Schüssel is dressed up like Mozart with a white wig made out of sugar and in a red brocade robe. Wolfgang Schüssel is standing on a globe out of sugar icing which should illustrate Europe
Click image to enlarge

Last weekend I went through the old city center of Vienna together with my girlfriend and we came across the traditional and well known “Imperial and Royal Court Confectionary Bakery” Demel. They are master craftsman in doing small, or from time to time large, masterpieces with marzipan, sugar icing and chocolate. These pieces of art are then displayed in the shop window of the bakery which is mostly frequented by tourists.

What the bakery created this time was a marzipan replica of Austrian Federal Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel who is dancing with Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik. Schüssel is dressed up like Mozart wearing a white wig made out of sugar and a red brocade robe. This is a tribute to two major Austrian long time events. The Austrian Presidency of the European Union and the “Mozart Year 2006”. I found that pretty funny and just snapped four or five photos of it.

I know that I sometimes have a hard time to make a long story short, and from time to time I even make a short story long… I’ll try to get to the point now:
Yesterday a good friend of mine who is a photographer herself forwarded an e-mail to me which was send out by one of the picture editors of “Die Zeit“. That’s a very good weekly newspaper from Germany that I enjoy reading myself. This picture editor was on the lookout for a photograph showing the described marzipan replicas of Schüssel and Plassnik for their next issue. They urgently needed it on the same day because of production deadlines. Well it’s “Die Zeit”, a pretty big name… Should I send those pictures I took or shouldn’t I? I want to leave a good impression… I decided to send the photographs. I quickly converted the RAW files, color corrected the images and send them to the picture editor. At the same time I called to tell them that I just send an e-mail. The lady I was talking to looked at the images right away and told me that she can’t really use them because of too many reflections in the window. I attached my contact details as well as my portfolio website to the e-mail I was sending her and she started to look at it. We’ve been talking about some of the photos, the internship I did at Magnum and upcoming projects. She was very friendly, generous with advice and she even said that she likes what she is seeing on my website. We should stay in touch… Sounds like a good first contact for me.

After the phone call I grabed my camera, made sure everything was in working order and drove to the city to take more photographs of these marzipan figures. This time more concentrated…

A marzipan replica of Austrian Federal Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel is dancing with Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik in the shop window of the "Imperial and Royal Court Confectionary Bakery" Demel in Vienna. Schüssel is dressed up like Mozart with a white wig made out of sugar and in a red brocade robe. Wolfgang Schüssel is standing on a globe out of sugar icing which should illustrate Europe

After shooting this nice couple from the inside and from the outside I called the picture desk from “Die Zeit” to ask if they still needed photographs. I’ve been told that they found an image already which is not exactly what they are looking for but they are working on the layout with it. If I am fast and have some decent shots I can still send them over and they’ll look at them. I jumped into a cab, went home, downloaded the files onto my laptop, renamed all of them, selected three images, converted the RAW files, captioned everything and send them away.

Only three minutes later the lady I was talking to before called me back to tell me that these images are way better than the ones I send in the afternoon. She was just talking to the Art Director but the layout for the article is almost finished with this other image they where using before. She apologized, thanked me for my engagement and said: “Well, if these images just would have come a little earlier…”

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January 12, 2006

Meeting with Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer

Federal President Heinz Fischer (left) with member of the European Commision Benita Ferrero-Waldner (right) in Viennas Hofburg

Members of the European Commission lining up before they are welcomed by Austrian Federal President Heinz Fischer in his office premises. In the picture from left to right: Danuta Hübner, Joe Borg, Margot Wallström, Joaquin Almunia, Peter Mandelson

Members of the European Commission lining up before they are welcomed by Austrian Federal President Heinz Fischer in his office premises. In the picture from left to right: Neelie Kroes, Danuta Hübner, Joe Borg, Margot Wallström

Austrian Federal President Heinz Fischer welcomes member of the European Commision in his office premises in Viennas Hofburg
Click images to enlarge

As i wrote in yesterdays post I’ve been photographing the meeting of the European Commission with the Austrian Government this week. These are pictures of President Fischer welcoming the members of the Euopean Commission in the premises of his office. That’s what I call an office…

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January 11, 2006

Getting Started 3: The European Commission in Vienna

Austrian Federal Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel and other members of the European Commission and the Austrian Federal Government meet in Viennas Hofburg. A working meeting between the European Commission and the Austrian Federal Government took place in Vienna on 9 January 2006.

Press conference regarding the working meeting between the European Commission and the Austrian Federal Government in Viennas Hofburg. From left to right: Verena Nowotny (press officer of Chancellor Schüssel), Wolfgang Schüssel (Austrian Federal Chancellor), Jose Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission) and Johannes Laitenberger (press spokesman of the European Commision).
Click images to enlarge

Austria took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the beginning of this year and will will chair all meetings of the Heads of State or Government and all Council meetings during the six months of its Presidency. A good possibility for me to do some work…

During the 6 months of Austrias Presidency of the Council of the European Union I want to photograph all major events that take place in Austria. But I will not only photograph the big events with important and known politicians but I do also want to photograph these small meetings, the conferences and so called expert meetings. I want to take a journalistic look behind the scenes showing every day life and bizarre situations at meetings and talks from European politicians and their work. My main goal is to have a small but nice selection of unique images of this period of time. Something a little different. Easier said than done perhaps…

Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel (left), President-in-Office of the European Council, and the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso (right) during a press conference regarding the working meeting between the European Commission and the Austrian Federal Government in Viennas Hofburg.

Press conference regarding the working meeting between the European Commission and the Austrian Federal Government in Viennas Hofburg with Verena Nowotny (press officer of Chancellor Schüssel), Wolfgang Schüssel (Austrian Federal Chancellor), Jose Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission) and Johannes Laitenberger (press spokesman of the European Commision).
Click images to enlarge

I started by photographing the first big event that took place in Vienna. A working meeting between the Austrian government and the European Commission on January 9th. Before getting there I needed media accredidation. They arranged a form for online accredidation where you have to fill in all your personal details, the number of your press card if you have one or a letter of credit from a medium you are working for.
Since this project should become a personal project and I wasn’t assigned to cover these events I simple stated my press card which I got about two years ago when I was taking pictures for a small unpaid Vienna based magazine which comes out only four times a year. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough for the officials and they asked me for a letter of credit. Hm, I might be assigned to cover one or two of these events from this newspaper “Falter” I started to photograph for but this is in no way certain and I therefore wouldn’t get this letter from them. So I called the owner of the photo agency “Contrast” in Vienna to ask him if he needs a photographer to cover these events. We met before that already once after my return from New York to talk about the photojournalism scene in Austria. A friend of mine suggested to do so since Gerhard Hinterleitner is very friendly and broadminded with advice and help. So I told him about my problem and see there… He wrote a letter of credit for me to cover these events. I am not getting paid simply for photographing and sending pictures to them but if they see photos they like and put in their database I might have a chance to sell a couple of them.

With this letter I got my accredidation for all major events and off I went Monday morning to spend my day taking pictures of this working meeting between the Austrian Government and the European Commission. Well pictures of the working meeting… Not really. Of course press access was strictly limited to three occasions. The first one was a “family photo” of all participants, 5 minutes and it was over. The second one was a press conference with Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and their spokespersons. 30 minutes of talk in front of a boring white wall and it was over. And the third one was a meeting between Austrian President Heinz Fischer and the members of the European Commission. 5 minutes and it was over again.
No need to mention that all these photo opporunities began late, partly very late, up to over an hour later than expected.

So at the end of the day I shot about 400 photographs and I haven’t really been happy with them. About a year and a half ago I photographed the funeral of former Austrian President Thomas Klestil and cardinal Franz König. I’ve been more happy with these pictures. But these have been different and visually more interesting environments as well. There was a possibility to get closer to the people and there have been much more people around. Not only politicians but by-standers and visitors. I did not have the chance for that on Monday. Everything was shut off.

So I came back with a bunch of press photos. Nothing really special but after editing through I did upload 42 of these images to the FTP server of “Contrast”. And see there… They took 20 of these photos and put them in their database. You can check the selected photographs out if you go to the website of Contrast and type in “Martin Fuchs” in the search field on the left side. So up to now I created my portfolio, had meetings with photographers and newspapers, had my first assignments for the weekly newspaper “Falter” and the latest step so far is that I have the chance to sell some of my photographs through an Austrian photo agency.

Who knows, maybe somebody will buy one of these images. And though I am not totally happy with the pictures I took I’ll continue to work on this project. I might have a better chance to get closer at these small conferences and meetings. Maybe there is less press hullabaloo going on.

By the way: Check out the photos Carl De Keyzer took at the 1997 World Economic Forum in Davos. After my fancy. 🙂

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January 02, 2006

Getting Started 2: The first assignment

Click image to enlarge

In “Getting Started 1: Creating a portfolio / The Magnum job” I wrote about my plans with Magnum and how I created my portfolio. Today I’ll let you know how things went on after I had my portfolio in hand.

The way to my first assignment

The first thing I did with my portfolio was to meet a friend of mine who is photographer as well. I met Felicitas Kruse for the first time about a year and a half ago when we were photographing the funeral of Austrian President Thomas Klestil who died two days before the end of his incumbency. We’ve been the only photographers with small film based cameras in a crowd of photographers with digital SLRs and long telephoto lenses… Anyway. Felicitas stopped to work as a photojournalist some months ago to dedicate her time to personal projects. Seemingly she decided for some reason to take care of me and my photographic career. Good for me. We’ve been talking about the situation for photographers in Austria, where to go, whom to approach, whom to meet and so on. She gave me a list of Names and contacts which I thankfully took.

First I called Heribert Corn, a photographer who is working a lot for Vienna’s city newspaper “Falter” among others. “Falter” is a pretty good paper to start working for. They are political, write about topics other papers wouldn’t write about, they have a wide distribution in Austria and they print the photographers credits as big as no other paper does.

I met Heribert Corn already once before my departure to New York about 8 months ago. I showed him my portfolio with old black and white photographs and asked him if there would be any chance for me to start working for “Falter”. He liked it and said that we should give it a try. Well a week later I sat on the plane to New York and I didn’t hear Heribert again for the next 8 months.

When I called him before Christmas he said that he was really happy that I called. Another photographer who followed my blog told him that I wouldn’t come back to Vienna. Well I did and so we met the same day, I showed him my new portfolio, he liked it and told me that he’ll call me once there is an assignment for me.

The first assignment


FUM2005015G1217-0628.jpgClick images to enlarge

Two days later (Friday) my cell phone rang in the afternoon and it was Heribert Corn with my first assignment. He told me about an article that was about to be published in the next issue of “Falter”. An article about one of Europes largest and most modern logistics-centers for the distribution of packages by the post. The editor visited this center already before and needed a picture or two for the article. I was told that they needed images showing the size of the place, the packages and that it wouldn’t be wrong to see workers on these images as well.

I called the contact I got from the post-office and wanted to arrange an appointment. Press date for the next “Falter” issue was Monday noon. So I had two and a half days left. Since there wasn’t much going on in this logistics-center on the weekend I arranged to come over this evening. They told me that 6 p.m. was the best time to come since most packages arrive at that time.



Click images to enlarge

No sooner said than done! I was parking my car in front of this huge hall in the south of Vienna at 6 p.m., had my camera equipment ready and smoked one last cigarette before my first “real” assignment. Ok, I was nervous. I was really nervous. I knew that it shouldn’t be too hard for me to deliver decent pictures for this half page article. I knew that the printing quality of the paper is poor and would therefore cover parts of bad pictures. But that’s not what I wanted. I wanted to do a good job. Hey, it’s my first assignment and I want to get further ones.

So I went inside the building and met the man who was responsible for the operations there. I asked him to show me around and explain me how everything works. After our trip around I told him that I would prefere to walk around myself to take some time to photograph. He agreed. So there I was standing in the middle of this huge hall, the machinery, the packages and about 80 people spread all over the place. I decided to start by walking around a little more. I wanted to talk to the clerks who worked there first in order to let them know what I was doing. My advantage was that I worked at a post office myself about 7 years ago. So I had something to start talking about. They’ve been a little suspicious in the beginning but opened up once we talked a little longer. Some of those people told me at the end that they’ve been really surprised that I actually took the time to talk to them and listen to the problems they have at work. A couple of photographers have been there before but they rushed in, took some pictures and left again.

Click image to enlarge

To make a long story short: I spend almost 7 hours there and took a whole bunch of pictures. Lightning conditions have been pretty damn bad. There was much halogen light coming from the ceilings but at the same time there was almost no light underneith the machinery where a lot of people worked. So contrasts have been high. I had to shoot with 1600 ISO and 1/15 to 1/60 of a second… Back home I downloaded all the RAW files onto my laptop and started to edit through.
No photos that I would put in my portfolio or onto my portfolio website but good enough for this job. The editor was happy although they would have prefered to have some more shots where one can actually see the size of this hall.

Click image to enlarge

And this is the article with my photograph that was published 5 days later. I would have choosen another image but that was not in my field of competence. And don’t ask for the payment, you’d start to cry.

More news and more informations on what else was or is going on in a couple of days.

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December 30, 2005

Magnum Photos Feature: Bolivian Elections by Chris Anderson

Magnum Photos Feature: Bolivian Elections by Chris Anderson

Magnum says hello again and they wish us a Happy New Year with a new and very powerful multimedia essay. Magnum nominee Christopher Anderson (whom I interviewed in New York already) travelled to Bolivia in December to photograph the election of Evo Morales, a former coca farmer intent on bringing socialism to his indigenous countrymen.
Chris Anderson photographed before, during and after the presidential elections and did not only bring back impressive black and white photographs but also field recordings he did during his 10 days trip.

This new multimedia essay is – in many ways – a further step for Magnum In Motion as I personally see it. It’s the first essay for which a photographer did not only record street sounds on-site but also sort of a spoken diary which was used for this story. Thanks to the new Flash Tool which was developed and designed together with the Belgium webdesign agency “group94” the format of this presentation changed and improved. The sound is not intermitted by the changing of photographs anymore and movement was partly created through quick sequencing of images. Well see for yourself and please let me know what you think of it. Any feedback will help to further improve this kind of presentation.

For a list of all multimedia essays produced so far visit the Magnum In Motion website, for more work by Magnum photographers visit the Magnum Photos website and for more Magnum related postings on New York Photoblog go to the archive.

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December 27, 2005

Getting Started 1: Creating a portfolio / The Magnum job

A Portfolio Selection Of 30 Photographs

I am posting a new gallery of photographs today. But it’s not a usual gallery with new images. This time it’s kind of a “Best Of” selection out of those more than 16.000 photographs I took during my stay in New York.

As you might have noticed I am totally obsessed with photojournalism and photography. I consider this to be a blessing and not a downside. For that reason I want to share my experiences on what’s going on with you. What do I do to push myself further and how do I start. Ok, step by step now… First of all I’ll let you know about my plans regarding Magnum.

The job at Magnum Photos

As I wrote in a previous post I flew to London after I returned from New York to meet the director of Magnum Photos London, Dominique Green, for a job interview. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job in London. I heared that they really liked me and what I did for Magnum so far. But the job description changed quite a couple of times after my visit there. Originally they looked for somebody to take care of Magnum’s internet and website matters. That job was bowled over and reshaped a couple of times. Now they are looking for somebody with more experience in business- and sales matters. Not exactly what I was meant to do and where I have much experience. So I am not mad for not getting the job. It just didn’t work out and hey, I could have taken the chance to work for Magnum Photos New York before…

Anyway I was talking to Claudine Boeglin, Creative Director of Magnum In Motion and to Mark Lubell, Bureau Chief of Magnum’s New York office after that. They offered me to work as a freelance “Editor At Large” for Magnum from Europe. I never heard the term “Editor At Large” before and I was wondering if they alluded to my body height or weight. Of course they did not! 🙂 Basically the plan is to produce those wonderful Magnum In Motion multimedia essays with European Magnum photographers as well. These essays get more and more advanced and slowly go beyond photographs and audio comments of the photographers. A lot more elements are included and the multimedia experience becomes bigger and bigger.
We want to try if it’s possible to produce those essays from the idea to the finished online version with somebody who is familiar to Magnum and their methods of work from distance. No further details yet but I’ll keep you posted about this development. An interesting and exciting task for sure and a chance to keep in touch with the source! So I consider this to somehow be part of my getting started way.

Creating my portfolio

As I wrote in the beginning I shot more than 16.000 photographs during my internship at Magnum and my time in New York. Being back in Vienna it’s time for me to get started as a photojournalist myself. What’s the first step to do so? Create a portfolio and arrange meetings with newspapers and magazines. So I sat down and started to select images out of those photos I shot within the last 7 months. I ended up having about 60 photos and I cut them down to 30 which I then printed on 12×8 inch (or 30x20cm) paper in the lab. The original prints have a white border around the images and once again I was amazed by the quality of the digital files my Canon EOS 20D produces.

I decided to show 6 prints with color photographs I took during the 9/11 commemoration in New York. After that I am showing 4 black and white prints with street photographs followed by 5 prints out of my “Faces Of The Night” series. I posted these “Faces Of The Night” pictures as black and white versions on my blog previously. For my portfolio I decided to print and show them in color. I have to face it: Magazines just want color images and a lot of them do not print black and white photos at all. Since I started to get comfortable (and even started to like it) with color in New York I have no problem with that. And hey, that’s an advantage of digital isn’t it?! I think it is!
Ok, after those portrait shot I inserted 4 black and white photos of Hispanic Parades and Festivals followed by 4 color street shots. 6 black and white street photographs and one moody color image close my portfolio.

Although I do have a “real” portfolio folder I decided not to use it. I bought it about two years ago and I’d say it was a wrong investment. It’s too big, too unhandy and the protective clear plastic folders look terrible. So I went and bought a black cardboard box in the right size for a couple of bucks to carry the single prints.

Equipped with that box and my prints I went off to meet my first two newspapers and a couple of photographers. My first assignment came out of one meeting and my first nearly assignment out of another. This will be content of my “Getting Started Part 2” post. It’s not a tutorial on what to do or how to do it. It’s just my personal experiences and how I try to do it… Have fun and keep shooting!

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December 23, 2005

Some “Merry Christmas” thoughts

Click image to enlarge

It’s this time of the year again. Christmas is coming, New Year’s Eve is coming and just yesterday I started preparations for Christmas. A little late? Well, not really. There won’t be a huge gift orgy this year, just a couple of small lovely things.

Generally speaking I am not a big fan of either of those two mentioned events. Ok, spending time with your family and relaxing a little bit for Christmas is nice. But three days of family events is just too much for me. 🙂

December 24th: Going to the butcher to get the meat which had to be preordered already. Going to the supermarket to do the last shopping. Almost certainly there will be some things you forgot such as wrapping paper, sticky tape or candles for the Christmas tree. That means waiting in long lines between all these people who wait until the last minute to do these things. Just as I do.
Then I will be decorating the Christmas tree together with my girlfriend. Some small disputes might come up. Well it’s Christmas time. Isn’t that the time for small disputes?
In the early evening we’ll be heading over to my mum’s house to celebrate together with my family. We’ll even sing a song or two together. We never do that during the rest of the year. I am sure you don’t either.
After that we’ll be going home and celebrate Christmas again. Just the three of us. My girlfriend Karin, her son Fabian and me. And our two cats of course. They’ll get some uncooked liver as a special treatment tomorrow. We’ll try to have some Christmas spirit, there will be a decorated tree, gifts and food. Yummy. A relaxed evening after a lot of preparations. So far so good.

December 25th: Getting up early. The families of my girlfriend and me will be coming over for Christmas lunch. Again a lot of preparations, cooking for about 10 people, having lunch, gifts again, doing the dishes… Thank god we have a dishwasher. Belly ache will start. Too much food, too much sweets and too much Christmas cookies.
I will be meeting my friend Christoph, his wife Verena and his lovely 3 and a half year old son Elias in the evening. Shame on me, I am neglecting Christoph way too much.

December 26th: Sleeping in but just not as long as we’d love to. Nobody may feel discriminated. So we’ll be driving to lower Austria to meet Karin’s family on the last day of the Christmas holidays. Lunch again, going for a walk, family talks, Christmas cookies again and the belly ache will not be better by that time.
We’ll be totally exhausted by the time we come home. We’ll I guess that’s just the way it is for Christmas. 😉

December 27th: Christmas is over and the computer ban I got from my girlfriend for the holidays will be over as well. Yipie! I have to admit that I did spend a lot of time in front of the computer lately. January is coming soon and I want to start my new project, the new blog mid January. Also there is much to write about. I spend much time in the last couple of weeks to work on a start of my career as a photojournalist. Showed my portfolio around, had meetings, had my first assignment and… my first publication. Yes, I had my first publication out of an assignment! And yes, I’ll be continuing to work for Magnum as well. Just in a little different way than expected.
I’ll be catching up with all these things starting next week on Tuesday. As soon as the computer ban is over… 😉

So long I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

P.S.: The photograph above is one out of many from my first assignment. It’s not the picture that was published but since it shows a Christmas tree I thought it would be a good image for this entry. Merry Christmas again.

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December 15, 2005

A partnership with ColorVision

Hey together! There was much going on lately. I’ve been very busy preparing a lot of different things but I’ll let you know more about that tomorrow. Today I would like to inform you about a new partnership between ColorVision and New York Photoblog.

ColorVision is a new partner of New York Photoblog

I got in touch with ColorVision only a couple of days ago to tell them about the last 7 months, about what I’ve been doing so far and what my future projects and goals are. Their response was not only super fast but also extremely scooping and friendly. Christoph Gamper, ColorVision Europes General Manager, agreed to send me their top monitor display calibration tool Spyder2PRO Studio. But not only did he agree to send me their monitor calibration hard- and software but he also promissed to send me a new version of their pinter profiling system PrintFIX. I was offered help with all concerns of color management and I was offered to join “Friends Of ColorVision” a small network of photographers who rely on ColorVision as their partner.

I lost the calibration of my monitor when I had to reinstall the operating system on my laptop about two weeks ago which really got me into troubles because I had to edit and retouch a couple of photographs for print. With the support of ColorVision I’ll have the possibility to finally work in a complete and good color management workflow.

When I thought of monitor calibration I thought of very complex and above all very expensive systems. And no doubt, there are extremely expensive systems out there to do this job. But if you look at the prices of ColorVision you’ll see that their basic solutions already start at about 85 Euros (or 89 US dollars) and even their professional solutions do only cost 299 Euros (or 299 US dollars). I think this is worth the money if you are dealing with digital images and want to make sure that what you see on your screen is what you get on your print.
And they’ve got a good network. They are partners of TPW, the Toscana Photographic Workshops. Check out the website of TPW and take a look at the lecturers of their 2006 workshops. I bet you’ll have to fall on your knees. I wanted to take part in a workshop their for a couple of years already but so far I was never able to afford it.

By the way, ColorVision is not only leading the monitor calibration market but they are also Switzerlands biggest beer brewers… I will have to find out how this strange relationship between digital colors and swiss beer started. Too bad I don’t like beer… 😉

So this is a further step for me and it complies with my philosophy of exchanging services. Of course I’d be happy if I found someone actually giving me loads of money for what I am doing but basically I’d prefere a world which is based on exchanging services. So thank’s a lot to my main sponsor for digital photography equipment Canon Europe and to ColorVision for sponsoring me with their advice and equipment in all belongs of color management!

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November 28, 2005

Audio interview with Magnum photographer Simon Wheatley

Magnum Photographer Simon Wheatley

As I have mentioned before I am starting a series of interviews with photographers. My first interview partner was Magnum nominee Simon Wheatley from London. I met him when he came to visit New York in September for about three weeks.
We wanted to do this interview earlier already but decided to wait until we could meet in person. A good decision since we got the chance to get to know each other a little better.
The interview was recorded on September 27th within the Magnum New York office. We ended up talking for about two hours. It was a really good and interesting conversation which I want to share with you in a shortened version.

The Audio Interview

I divided the interview into 11 chapters. It is only available in MP3 format which I hope will be convenient for you. Just grab the MP3s, put them on your MP3 player and listen to them on your way to work or while wandering around the streets on the lookout for new subjects and situations to photograph. The total length of all 11 chapters is 45 minutes and 46 seconds. In addition to the audio interview you can view a selection of 32 photographs taken by Simon Wheatley in London, Amsterdam and Mexico.

Simon Wheatley talks about his beginnings in the world of photojournalism, about an important time he spend in Hungary, about the importance of loneliness, about getting close, about depressing work, how he got in touch with Magnum Photos, about Magnum the ice cream, he offers advice for aspiring photographers and much more.

Upcoming Interviews

The next interviews have already been recorded. It’s Joachim Ladefoged from the VII photo agency and Chris Anderson from Magnum Photos. More to come.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this interview. Please let me know what you think. Any sort of feedback and improvement suggestions are highly appreciated. Did you always wanted to get answers on certain questions by a photographer? Let me know the questions!

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November 21, 2005

New gallery: A Backstage Look At Magnum Photos New York

New gallery: A Backstage Look At Magnum Photos New York
Long time no see. I took sort of a break during the last 10 days. I was working on the concept for a new project, I worked on the interview with Simon Wheatley, I met with friends in Vienna, I did some work for Magnum and for the last couple of days I was busy saving my Laptop from dying. Suddenly it started to crash every couple of minutes. I went to buy a second external harddrive, saved all my files on it and reinstalled the operating system. Fortunatly everything seems to work again.
Anyways, regarding the job at Magnum in London. I didn’t get an answer yet. I’ll have to wait another couple of days.

New gallery with images from Magnum

Today I am updating the blog with a new gallery showing images I took during my time at Magnum. It’s mosty snapshots. This new gallery is a tribute to those behind the scenes. The photographers do a great job, but let’s not forget about the people who work for all the Magnum photographers and who dedicate theirselfs to this job. Working at Magnum is certainly not the best payed job in the world so people don’t work at Magnum for the money. Damn, if it’s not because of the money… Why do they work there? Because of their passion. This gallery is a tributen to my colleagues at the Magnum Photos office in New York as it is to give you a better insight in the work circumstances there. It was good fun and I really never had another job which I only liked nearly as much as this one. Originally I wanted to record all the staff. Everybody should have told me their name, what they are doing at Magnum and sort of a nice and funny anecdote about work. I started doing that but since I left New York five days earlier then expected I couldn’t finish this. So no sound this time.

I hope you enjoy this little look backstage! Let me know what you think and the next update will be the Simon Wheately interview.

A Giant Grabbing a Couple on 5th Avenue in Manhattan

I had the day off to get out and shoot a little. I took the train to 59th Street, stayed between 59th Street and 55th Street on Park Avenue for a while to photograph people (that’s were the above shot was taken), and then walked all the way down to Brooklyn Bridge to go to the Empire Fulton Ferry Park to take some shots of “Movies with a view“. That’s an open air cinema under Brooklyn Bridge showing a different film every Thursday up to August 25. Nice view onto Manhattan of course.

When I came there a park ranger approached me to ask what the purpose of my photos is. I asked him if it’s some sort of a security concern because of the bridges. They don’t really like people taking pictures of them. Before I was able to answer his question he told me that this has nothing to do with securtiy. But “since I am not in New York City anymore the rules are a little different.” Stop here… What meand I am not in New York City anymore. I just went over the Brooklyn Bridge… He told me that I left NYC after crossing the border to the Empire Fulton Ferry Park because it’s a State Park and therefore I am in New York State. If I want to photograph there for business purpose or to build up a Portfolio I have to get a permission first. He asked who will see these photographs beside me and I told him that my friends and family will see them probably. That was alright for him and for me as well since I didn’t have to lie. All the visitors of my website are my friends… 😉

Anyway, I am really tired now, I don’t really take the time to relaxe and am therefore looking forward to tomorrow. The Magnum staff will meet in front of the office to get on a Van and drive to the Hamptons. Thomas Hoepker (Magnum Photographer and at the moment president of Magnum Photos) lives there and invited the staff to come over for a day. Relaxing, hanging out on the lake, having fun… I am sure it will be a fun day.

A city of love: The Gay Pride Parade for Equal rights

The Gay Pride Parade in New York

Evita in the Gay Pride Parade

The crowd seamed the streets at the Gay Pride Parade

The Gay Pride Parade in New York

This years Gay Pride Parade (now officially called Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride March) in New York City took place this Sunday and was a hell of a party. I really liked the Puerto Rican Day Parade a couple of weeks ago. It was good fun and the temper was high. But the Gay Pride Parade was even more exiting! You could even say “Love is in the air. Everywhere I look around. Love is in the air. Every sight and every sound” (Lyrics of John Paul Youngs song). Well of course it’s not only about love and fun but also about those who suffer from discrimination and HIV. This years theme for the parade was “Equal rights, no more no less.”

One of the things I liked most about the march have been the spectators. The Gay Pride Parade started on 52nd Street, went down to 8th Street, turned right and went over onto Christopher Street. I started around 46th Street, the mood was good, observers seamed 5th Avenue. But the further you came down the more people where standing on both sides of the street watching the parade passing by, waving with banners and rainbow flags, screaming and applauding.
And let me tell you, there was enough to applaud to. Different organizations, politicians and groups marched to show their support and work for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. There have been colorful dressed up drag-queens, muscular cowboys, beer bellied country fans, hot women, war veterans, firefighters and police officers marching in the parade… Yes, police didn’t only patrol the streets, uniformed police officers carried a banner for the “Gay Officers Action League” and marched. Could you imagin gay police officers in Austria wearing a rainbow flag? Could you imagine them speaking out publicly? I can’t. Well, that’s New York baby.

The shot of the day
Unfortunatly (damn!) I missed the shot of the day because my memory card just transfered the last 230 photos onto a portable harddisk…
There was a truck of Absolut Vodka (there is commerce in all those parades) with dancers on it in the parade. It was lead by two really hot girls who did amazing things with their “hula hoops”. Just a few feet before the end of the parade one of those girls went over to a group of police officers to persuade one of them to come and try the hula hoop. As I already thought, this policeman just shook his head and said no. BUT the girl was intractable and finally persuaded another of these police officers. He stepped forward and took the hoop. The crowd on each side of the street (since that was just a few feet away of the parades end there have been sooo many people) started to scream enthusiastically and gave this police officer a big applause after trying it. That’s New York as well. 🙂


316 (Threehundredandsixteen) American National Flags

Posted from New York Photo Blog

This post should have originally been titled “The last Weekend on Long Island before my girlfriends return home” but I decided to change the title to the above one because the new title is related to the weekend in Long Island as well and those flags have been very interesting to us.

As a end of this weeks visit of my girlfriend Karin (she had to leave this evening to fly back home) we decided to spend the weekend in Montauk, a small village on Long Island.
After we knew that we wanted to go to Long Island we decided to rent a car for the weekend. Better coming around from beach to beach or from village to village in case of we wouldn’t like the place we where going. So we got up Saturday morning, checked the trip route on Google, wrote everything down and left the apartment to go the Hertz, picking our car up.

We had our first nice experience while waiting for the bus in Co-Op City. A family of geese were walking around the green areas. I often saw them while passing by Section Five of Co-Op City which is directly next to the Hutchinson River but I never saw them here in Section One. Section Five is rather far away and there is a highway in between… A few minutes after we came to the bus station the geese (on the other side of the street yet) decided to move over to a new meadow and slowly started to cross the street in a perfect line. One after the other. Traffic had to stop – they didn’t seem to be in a hurry. A very nice situation.

However, we arrived at Hertz on East 90th street to pick our rental car up about an hour and a half late. I’ve already been thinking about the possibility that they might have no car left from the smallest budget range. Lucky as we were they didn’t, we got a free upgrade and finally sat into a brand new, huge and damn comfortable Volvo XC 70 including a GPS Navigational System. I still had the prejudice that these systems do not work well and probably lead us somewhere we didn’t want to go. But luckily it worked very well and we found our way to Long Island.

To refer back to this posts title, we somehow started to count american national flags after leaving the city. We’ve been looking for flags on the roadside flying in front of houses, at gas stations, in car windows or on top of company buildings. We started to count while driving on the highway which was not such a big deal, but when we came to Long Island and drove through villages and towns we got really busy. While we drove about 140 miles (approx. 225km) we counted 316 american flags. I am sure we missed some since we didn’t count in New York City and in the town of Montauk. That’s an amazing number isn’t it? America is completely different in terms of patriotism than every other country I’ve been to. If you for example use an Austrian national flag in my home country to show that you are proud of this country everyone looks at you as if you would have got crazy. Personally I feel a bit uncomfortable with too much patriotism and bonds to a certain country.

Despite the fact that Karin had to leave this evening our weekend on Long Island was great. Montauk is a very beautiful place, it’s quiet (at least at this time of the year), the beaches are very nice and clean and the Atlantic ocean… What should I say… I love the Atlantic ocean. And since Montauk has one of the busiest fisher harbors in New York State there are also some great places for delicious seafood. I got the second best tuna steak (after one I had in Portugal) of my life in a place called “Lenny’s on the Dock” which is located directly at the harbor.

We found a nice small Motel with the sea just across the street in which we stayed for the night. We wanted to visit the lighthouse in the morning but there have been too many people there and the entrance was 16 dollars. Too much if you can have a beautiful beach for free. The way back to New York was not that good. Too much traffic, rain and a both of us have been in a thoughtful mood since we won’t see each other for two months. But we got a new counting idea for our next trip. The next time we travel in the States by car we are going to count the yellow “Support Our Troops” and “God Bless America” ribbons stick to a lot of cars.