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December 27, 2005
Thanks for your comments. Sarah, this guy is employed at a post office and the tree was posted before. Now the tree is on his way to it's final destination... :-)
Martin Fuchs
December 26, 2005
A little late but Merry Christmas to you Martin. You created a great blog and a great photography site. I am curious to see how everything will take shape in the future! Harry
Harry Jenkins
December 26, 2005
It all sounds very exciting! I'm looking forward to your new blog. Is he posting that Christmas tree? Or checking it onto a plane? Happy New Year
Sarah Mackenzie
December 24, 2005
What a great project! Been wandering the streets of the West Side of Manhattan looking for you, but, alas, you left us! But your pictures are fantastic as is the content of your site. Looking forward to the next interview and to the promised details of how you handled your B/W workflow with your digital camera.Have a great Christmas, stay away from the computer, and more can I say: Frohleches Weinachten (from my German from many years ago!). Frank
New York Frank
December 24, 2005
I am looking forward to hear more about your plans, magnum and your photography! merry x-mas!
December 24, 2005
Merry Christmas Martin! Will be back before the New Year.
Mike D.


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Some "Merry Christmas" thoughts

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It's this time of the year again. Christmas is coming, New Year's Eve is coming and just yesterday I started preparations for Christmas. A little late? Well, not really. There won't be a huge gift orgy this year, just a couple of small lovely things.

Generally speaking I am not a big fan of either of those two mentioned events. Ok, spending time with your family and relaxing a little bit for Christmas is nice. But three days of family events is just too much for me. :-)

December 24th: Going to the butcher to get the meat which had to be preordered already. Going to the supermarket to do the last shopping. Almost certainly there will be some things you forgot such as wrapping paper, sticky tape or candles for the Christmas tree. That means waiting in long lines between all these people who wait until the last minute to do these things. Just as I do.
Then I will be decorating the Christmas tree together with my girlfriend. Some small disputes might come up. Well it's Christmas time. Isn't that the time for small disputes?
In the early evening we'll be heading over to my mum's house to celebrate together with my family. We'll even sing a song or two together. We never do that during the rest of the year. I am sure you don't either.
After that we'll be going home and celebrate Christmas again. Just the three of us. My girlfriend Karin, her son Fabian and me. And our two cats of course. They'll get some uncooked liver as a special treatment tomorrow. We'll try to have some Christmas spirit, there will be a decorated tree, gifts and food. Yummy. A relaxed evening after a lot of preparations. So far so good.

December 25th: Getting up early. The families of my girlfriend and me will be coming over for Christmas lunch. Again a lot of preparations, cooking for about 10 people, having lunch, gifts again, doing the dishes... Thank god we have a dishwasher. Belly ache will start. Too much food, too much sweets and too much Christmas cookies.
I will be meeting my friend Christoph, his wife Verena and his lovely 3 and a half year old son Elias in the evening. Shame on me, I am neglecting Christoph way too much.

December 26th: Sleeping in but just not as long as we'd love to. Nobody may feel discriminated. So we'll be driving to lower Austria to meet Karin's family on the last day of the Christmas holidays. Lunch again, going for a walk, family talks, Christmas cookies again and the belly ache will not be better by that time.
We'll be totally exhausted by the time we come home. We'll I guess that's just the way it is for Christmas. ;-)

December 27th: Christmas is over and the computer ban I got from my girlfriend for the holidays will be over as well. Yipie! I have to admit that I did spend a lot of time in front of the computer lately. January is coming soon and I want to start my new project, the new blog mid January. Also there is much to write about. I spend much time in the last couple of weeks to work on a start of my career as a photojournalist. Showed my portfolio around, had meetings, had my first assignment and... my first publication. Yes, I had my first publication out of an assignment! And yes, I'll be continuing to work for Magnum as well. Just in a little different way than expected.
I'll be catching up with all these things starting next week on Tuesday. As soon as the computer ban is over... ;-)

So long I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

P.S.: The photograph above is one out of many from my first assignment. It's not the picture that was published but since it shows a Christmas tree I thought it would be a good image for this entry. Merry Christmas again.

Posted by Martin Fuchs on December 23, 2005 11:42 PM

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