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May 08, 2005
Bruce, the photographies on this website are all digital. This is my first time going digital. You can find more information on my equipment on the "About" page. Thanks for your comment! :-)
Martin Fuchs
May 05, 2005
Just curious... Do you use film or are you all digital? I love your black & white images.
May 05, 2005
Nice shots -- and not too dark! Have you figured out what was going wrong?
Joseph Holmes


New York Street Photographs Part I

A Backstage Look At Magnum Photos New York

Puerto Rican Day Parade and 116th Street Festival

Multimedia Gallery: 9/11 commemoration

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New York Subway Photos

33rd Street Subway Station

On the 6 train before 125th Street

Posted by Martin Fuchs on May 4, 2005 11:15 PM

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