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October 11, 2005
speaking of Saterday - it's Manhattan :D good luck anyways...
Markus Hartel
October 10, 2005
Keep it rollin Martin! I wish to see more and more and more of your work and how you are doing!
October 10, 2005
I think it's great that you work on your blog so much even about a month before you leave the city. I am looking forward to your new project!
Thomas Steidlinger
October 10, 2005
Hey Saterday... Great comment. Had to grin and still have to. Thanks for pointing that out. I corrected it in this post and will try to remember your words... ;-) And thanks Sidney and Wen as well!
Martin Fuchs
October 10, 2005
Hope you continue with other great projects, so that I can follow you and get my daily great pictures-shot :). So far so good, so let this not be the end...
October 10, 2005
dude ! all things nice, but who the hell is Saterday ? me? you spell it wrong and you seem to do it with passion and consistency. ;-) it`s Sat U rDay. Saturday. SATURDAY. with a U. not an E. i love rainy New York, too ! :-)
October 10, 2005
I enjoyed reading your New York Photoblog and I hope you will continue blogging after Magnum. It should not be the end of the world :-)


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October 09, 2005 Sponsored byCanon

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New York Photoblog sweepstake and newsletter

The weekend in New York was super-rainy and I enjoyed it so much. :-) Took a long walk on Saturday while it was wuthering down on me. Today I went to City Island for about two hours. An island which is physically not far away from Co-Op City but you seem to be in another world there. But more on that tomorrow.

I spend the rest of the weekend in front of the computer to work on some projects and on implementing a newsletter on my blog. See the nice button below the calender on the left.

From time to time I am going to send out an e-mail about new projects or major updates. Well and if you want to know how everything will go on after my time in New York you should subscribe as well. I've already got a new concept in mind... I hope it will be interesting... I guess I just can't sit down, lean back and relaxe after such a great project. New York Photoblog is fun! I enjoy it and I hope you do as well.

I combined the launch of the newsletter with a small sweepstake: If you sign up for New York Photoblog's newsletter before November 12th 2005 you have the chance to win a signed print of your choice.

One e-mail address will be dragged by November 21st 2005. I'll then get in touch with the winner and ask her/him to browse the photographs I posted on this site. The winner can choose one photograph. The choosen photograph will be send to the winner as a 8x12 inch (20x30 cm) signed digital print within two weeks.

Posted by Martin Fuchs on October 9, 2005 11:53 PM

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