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January 16, 2006
Sehr atmosphärische Bilder von Chris Anderson in der Reihe 'Bolivian Elections'. Schaue immer wieder gern hier rein, um eindrucksvolle Bilder zu Gemüte zu führen.
Andreas Witschi
January 04, 2006
I like these multimedia essays. The combination of photography, sound recordings and text is very interesting. And this one is even more close to the action, using partly cinematic styles. From my point of view the animations in this essay show that the additional use of digital video may be a next step. Who is interested in this new kind of 'solo journalism' can also check the work of Kevin Sites at http://hotzone.yahoo.com
January 02, 2006
Photojournalism at its best. I like Andersons' style, those deep blacks and those defocused planes in foreground. I didn't know he left VII... it's somehow a pity, I like that "small" agency and the business model they're trying to promote.
Bruno Trematore
January 02, 2006
Magnum is the best site I have ever seen for photography. Esp for street photography. funny they don't have arbus.
January 02, 2006
Martin, I havn't listened yet, but just wanted to say I enjoy your sight and photos, thanx for reminding us you're there.
Barry Fisher
January 02, 2006
Hallo Martin, die Bilder im Multimedia Essay von Magnum: Bolivianische Wahlen sind nicht schlecht, aber auch nicht unbedingt aussergewöhnlich. Im Gegensatz zu den anderen Flash-Präsentationen stören mich die zappeligen Animations-Effekte (z.B. wenn der Mann über die Strasse geht). Sie passen aber gut zur nervigen Musik ;-) Grundsätzlich gut finde ich natürlich Che Guevara Fotos ;-)) Noch 44 Stunden dann sitze ich im Flieger nach Cuba :-) Gruss Stefan
Stefan M. Prager
January 02, 2006
Moechte wirklich wissen was an diesen Bildern so toll ist Peter
Dr. Peter Tomsu
January 02, 2006
Martin, großes Lob, vielen Dank. Sehenswerte Bilder. Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr Johann
Johann W. Meier
January 02, 2006
wie auch die vorherigen Essays, sehr sehenswert. Die Vertonung vor Ort ist interessant. Danke und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr Dirk
Dirk Schlinkmann
January 02, 2006
Martin, großes Lob !!!! Ich finde Deine Magnum-in-motion-Sparte sehr interessant, hat sich also auch für Magnum echt gelohnt, dich dort einzustellen ! Gruß, Ronald
Ronald Schmidt
December 31, 2005
Another very good essay on an interesting topic. I also found the way in which this essay was done interesting, and the changes compared to previous essays. I think Anderson's narrative, the photos and the sound clips work together perfectly. I also liked the sequences showing images in rapid succession, good idea! The single pictures are generally displayed only for a short time, which I might have critisised, but in my opinion this is very appropriate in this spefific essay... I experienced one sound issue again, at the end of the story ("Bolivia, Dec. 20", chapter 19) when the final message appears ("Chris Anderson was in Bolivia..."), the sound starts again from the beginning... Only problem I noticed. I'm also loooking forward to your interview with Chris Anderson, Martin, and to future Magnum In Motion projects! :-)
December 31, 2005
Big up to Chris Anderson and the team at Magnum. You are pushing photojournalism into the new year with a special presentation! Thanks for sharing.
Harry Jenkins
December 31, 2005
Great story! Thanks for letting us know about this and all the other essays!
Thomas Steidlinger
December 30, 2005
Wow, what a great story. As you said it's really powerful. I have to admit that I was not the biggest fan of Christopher Anderson so far but this story and these photos let me think about that once again. Those images, the sequencing and the movement through all these fast shot situations... Really well done! When will you put your interview with him online? Can't wait to hear it! Happy new year Martin.
Elena Demas


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Magnum Photos Feature: Bolivian Elections by Chris Anderson

Magnum Photos Feature: Bolivian Elections by Chris Anderson

Magnum says hello again and they wish us a Happy New Year with a new and very powerful multimedia essay. Magnum nominee Christopher Anderson (whom I interviewed in New York already) travelled to Bolivia in December to photograph the election of Evo Morales, a former coca farmer intent on bringing socialism to his indigenous countrymen.
Chris Anderson photographed before, during and after the presidential elections and did not only bring back impressive black and white photographs but also field recordings he did during his 10 days trip.

This new multimedia essay is - in many ways - a further step for Magnum In Motion as I personally see it. It's the first essay for which a photographer did not only record street sounds on-site but also sort of a spoken diary which was used for this story. Thanks to the new Flash Tool which was developed and designed together with the Belgium webdesign agency "group94" the format of this presentation changed and improved. The sound is not intermitted by the changing of photographs anymore and movement was partly created through quick sequencing of images. Well see for yourself and please let me know what you think of it. Any feedback will help to further improve this kind of presentation.

For a list of all multimedia essays produced so far visit the Magnum In Motion website, for more work by Magnum photographers visit the Magnum Photos website and for more Magnum related postings on New York Photoblog go to the archive.

Posted by Martin Fuchs on December 30, 2005 06:35 PM

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