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February 15, 2006
Interesting shot! I feel the comparison between young and old from this shot. We are all getting old and mortal. :-P
January 15, 2006
lovely photos, martin. ive just recently moved to new york and am finding it to be heaven on earth for photojournalism. always something going on. love the photos from the puerto rican parade. i live in el barrio, so its nice to see what i have to look forward to. best. - peter getz
Peter Getz
January 03, 2006
Dear Martin,thank you for the great selection. Now, at closer inspection, I also like the night portraits, specially number 14. The strong emotions of number 2 from the 9/11 series are outstanding. The bandwidth of your work is quite impressive. Keep it up!
December 29, 2005
keep up the good work martin!! the old man and the big hunk billboard is one of my favorites!! See you soon! ;-)
December 29, 2005
I just love the "elderly man / young hunk billboard" picture. It's a reminder that time is passing for all of us, but the way the man is walking, hand casually in pocket, somehow makes it sweet rather than sad. Great pictures. Good luck and happy New Year.
Sarah Mackenzie
December 28, 2005
Glad to hear about the new start back in Vienna. As far as that goes, good luck with your first assignment. Wish you a bright career ahead of you. On that note, hope you have a good start to the new year as well. Take care, Martin Susie
December 28, 2005
Interesting start of a new set of postings as it seems. Great to hear that you'll be working as an editor for Magnum and great to read about you building up your portfolio. I am looking forward to read the next article about your first meetings and the assignment you got!
Thomas Steidlinger
December 27, 2005
hello martin. first of all, thanks for your post on my blog. and now my comment to your post. hmm, i think, you selected the best photos from these 16.000 ;). in my opinion photo with number 7 is the best. great. and also i like photos from puerto rican day. great b&w. i hope, that you show us more photos like these. greetings from cracow, mateush
December 27, 2005
Very nice pictures. When watching them I noticed me looking at certain pictures much longer than at others. I wonder if time would be a useful or interesting thing to measure for the photographers? You show the pictures for a while on the internet and then can tell: "Look, this is the picture people where looking at for a minute and a half on average! Here they just clicked through. Etc." Best wishes, Matthias.
December 27, 2005
Hi Martin! I guess you're glad your computer ban is over! :) You immediately show your best 30 pictures! I think you even can make your best 100 pictures... Is it not hard to decide which one you definitely want and which one not? For me it is always the hardest question. But you made a good choice. Hope you had a nice X-mas and I wish you all the best for New Year with new opportunities!


New York Street Photographs Part I

A Backstage Look At Magnum Photos New York

Puerto Rican Day Parade and 116th Street Festival

Multimedia Gallery: 9/11 commemoration

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December 27, 2005 Sponsored byCanon

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Getting Started 1: Creating a portfolio / The Magnum job

A Portfolio Selection Of 30 Photographs

I am posting a new gallery of photographs today. But it's not a usual gallery with new images. This time it's kind of a "Best Of" selection out of those more than 16.000 photographs I took during my stay in New York.

As you might have noticed I am totally obsessed with photojournalism and photography. I consider this to be a blessing and not a downside. For that reason I want to share my experiences on what's going on with you. What do I do to push myself further and how do I start. Ok, step by step now... First of all I'll let you know about my plans regarding Magnum.

The job at Magnum Photos

As I wrote in a previous post I flew to London after I returned from New York to meet the director of Magnum Photos London, Dominique Green, for a job interview. Unfortunately I didn't get the job in London. I heared that they really liked me and what I did for Magnum so far. But the job description changed quite a couple of times after my visit there. Originally they looked for somebody to take care of Magnum's internet and website matters. That job was bowled over and reshaped a couple of times. Now they are looking for somebody with more experience in business- and sales matters. Not exactly what I was meant to do and where I have much experience. So I am not mad for not getting the job. It just didn't work out and hey, I could have taken the chance to work for Magnum Photos New York before...

Anyway I was talking to Claudine Boeglin, Creative Director of Magnum In Motion and to Mark Lubell, Bureau Chief of Magnum's New York office after that. They offered me to work as a freelance "Editor At Large" for Magnum from Europe. I never heard the term "Editor At Large" before and I was wondering if they alluded to my body height or weight. Of course they did not! :-) Basically the plan is to produce those wonderful Magnum In Motion multimedia essays with European Magnum photographers as well. These essays get more and more advanced and slowly go beyond photographs and audio comments of the photographers. A lot more elements are included and the multimedia experience becomes bigger and bigger.
We want to try if it's possible to produce those essays from the idea to the finished online version with somebody who is familiar to Magnum and their methods of work from distance. No further details yet but I'll keep you posted about this development. An interesting and exciting task for sure and a chance to keep in touch with the source! So I consider this to somehow be part of my getting started way.

Creating my portfolio

As I wrote in the beginning I shot more than 16.000 photographs during my internship at Magnum and my time in New York. Being back in Vienna it's time for me to get started as a photojournalist myself. What's the first step to do so? Create a portfolio and arrange meetings with newspapers and magazines. So I sat down and started to select images out of those photos I shot within the last 7 months. I ended up having about 60 photos and I cut them down to 30 which I then printed on 12x8 inch (or 30x20cm) paper in the lab. The original prints have a white border around the images and once again I was amazed by the quality of the digital files my Canon EOS 20D produces.

I decided to show 6 prints with color photographs I took during the 9/11 commemoration in New York. After that I am showing 4 black and white prints with street photographs followed by 5 prints out of my "Faces Of The Night" series. I posted these "Faces Of The Night" pictures as black and white versions on my blog previously. For my portfolio I decided to print and show them in color. I have to face it: Magazines just want color images and a lot of them do not print black and white photos at all. Since I started to get comfortable (and even started to like it) with color in New York I have no problem with that. And hey, that's an advantage of digital isn't it?! I think it is!
Ok, after those portrait shot I inserted 4 black and white photos of Hispanic Parades and Festivals followed by 4 color street shots. 6 black and white street photographs and one moody color image close my portfolio.

Although I do have a "real" portfolio folder I decided not to use it. I bought it about two years ago and I'd say it was a wrong investment. It's too big, too unhandy and the protective clear plastic folders look terrible. So I went and bought a black cardboard box in the right size for a couple of bucks to carry the single prints.

Equipped with that box and my prints I went off to meet my first two newspapers and a couple of photographers. My first assignment came out of one meeting and my first nearly assignment out of another. This will be content of my "Getting Started Part 2" post. It's not a tutorial on what to do or how to do it. It's just my personal experiences and how I try to do it... Have fun and keep shooting!

Posted by Martin Fuchs on December 27, 2005 01:17 PM

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