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November 02, 2005
Rachael Jane
September 20, 2005
I completely agree with Joe's comment. Would really love to know more about your technique for using flash.
September 18, 2005
September 18, 2005
these are fantastic, martin. Not just the beautiful exposure against solid black, but the moment that you caught these expressions. keep shooting these!


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Faces at night on Staten Island

Siobhan Bohnacker at night on Staten Island

John Ponzia from Staten Island

Irene B. Pintado and Siobhan Bohnacker at night on Staten Island

Richy Mirissis from Staten Island
I've taken this pictures a couple of days ago on Staten Island. I went there together with Siobhan (first photo) and Irene to celebrate Shiobhan's last night in New York. She was a Magnum intern for three months. Originally born in Germany, she grew up in England and left to finish college in London.
We've just been walking around for a while when we met those two guys, John Ponzio (second photograph) and Richy Mirissis (last photograph), at the waterfront. We somehow started to talk and have finally been hanging out together for about an hour or so. It was good fun, interessting to talk to them and I was able to play around with my flash again... :-)
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Posted by Martin Fuchs on September 17, 2005 11:59 PM

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