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October 07, 2005
A great and interesting story.
Rodney Brinks
October 04, 2005
The photograph you took is very strong as Mr. Arredondo seems to be. Adding your written story and those scans of the letter and the e-mail is a powerful addition. Thanks.
Mike D.
October 04, 2005
A moving story and picture! Very impressive and powerful and I can't be nothing else than be touched by this...
October 04, 2005
Great work Martin, and a very moving story.
October 04, 2005
Martin, This is a very powerful image. I can say no more...
Rachael Jane
October 04, 2005
I am deeply touched. by this story Martin. That's what I call personal photojournalism. Thank you.
Thomas Steidlinger


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Carlos Arredondo - A father who lost his son in Iraq

Carlos Arredondo who lost is son in Iraq holding carrying a portrait of his son during an Anti-War March in Wahington DC
Click image for a larger view

This image shows 45 year old Carlos Arredondo at the Anti-War March in Washington DC on September 24th. On August 26, 2004 - his 44th birthday - Mr. Arredondo was told by three Marine officers that his son, Alexander Arredondo was killed in Iraq. In that month Carlos Arredondos son just turned 20 years old.
As a reaction to this Carlos Arredondo set the Marine van on fire while he was inside and suffered severe burns. I am not going to post the whole story about what happend that day here. You can read more about it on the websites of CBS News, Not in Our Name or CNN.

Carlos Arredondo joined the Gold Star Families For Peace, an organization of families who have lost relatives in the Iraq war. From on August 15th 2005 he joined the "Bring them home now" tour to have the public remember the war.

A letter Alexander Arredondo wrote to his parents
Letter written by Alexander Arredondo to his parents - Click image for a larger view

E-Mail send to Melida Arredendo by the Army - Click image for a larger view

I met Mr. Arredondo in front of the White House where he was protesting against the war in Iray. As he was holding up a portrait of his son in uniform he dispensed an envelope containing a copy of a letter his son wrote and a copy of an e-mail which was send to Mr, Arredondos wife by the US Armed Forces.

Today someone told me that the photograph of the guy with the death-mask I posted a couple of days ago doesn't give a feeling of movement, of something else to come. "But this leaves me with something else. A dead sense of no hope and it saddens me. It is an incredibly cold feeling."
Well I'd say rightly. There is so much cruelty going on, so many people died and do still die.
But Carlos Arredondo shows a different way to go. He turns his grief into the fight against such things happening again. He sees hope and is part of a movement trying to change things.

Posted by Martin Fuchs on October 3, 2005 10:56 PM

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