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March 01, 2006
Excellent interview! I keep checking back for the 'upcoming' interviews with Joachim and Chris, when are they due? Thanks
February 26, 2006
Great site!Really good design! Thanks
January 13, 2006
Love, like a river, will cut a new pathwhenever it meets an obstacle.
December 16, 2005
Great job, thanks for all the work! One suggestion for the next interviews: If you'd put a little compression on the audio it would sound a lot better and be more pleasant to listen to.
December 15, 2005
your photos are amazing, I'm your big fan...visit me in free momentL www.straupisz.blog.pl
December 06, 2005
number 8 is just an incredible photo-- incredible detail, depth, energy... number 14--technically how? slow shutter with a pop of flash... it has energy and sadness at the same time. How is that possible? The pictures resonate with the sense that dude spent alota time... very interesting
Jessie Webb
December 06, 2005
Awesome interview. Very personal and very inspiring. I had seen Mr. Wheatly's grime story/london youth earlier this week on the magnum in motion site and was instantly inspired. Thank you for sharing this interview.
Jared Soares
December 05, 2005
excellent. i havent had a lot of free time lately but i got up early this morning to work on my photo story and decided to get some coffee and take the time to hear the interview. keep up the awesome work, it's great.
December 02, 2005
really interesting Martin! I've listened while driving to work this morning. Now I'm looking forward for listening the other interwiews you realized!
December 02, 2005
Wow. Very inspiring interview, and I enjoyed it throughly. Simon really gave some realistic advices. Good job!
December 01, 2005
Martin, finally I got a chance to listen to this interview - you did a great job and Simon gave some very valuable advice on his work... very well done
Markus Hartel
November 30, 2005
Such a genuine, frank interview - and entertaining too. Made me raid the fridge for icecream. Thanks!!
Jenny Lynn Walker
November 30, 2005
Hey Martin, I just listened to this while editing and really enjoyed it. Great work, I look forward to the next few interviews.
Liam Maloney
November 30, 2005
Martin, great interview! Can't wait for the next two coming.
Fabien Penso
November 30, 2005
It's reassuring to know that the non mercenary types among us can make it to the top. A wonderful and gentle interview. Thank you.
Paul Treacy
November 30, 2005
Really good and interesting interview - says alot about the dilemmas of photography. The last segments are especially interesting. I like the bit about staying pure and true to your work..
Colin Pantall
November 30, 2005
Great interview . Very personal and insightful. I like the question :"Are you a good photographer?" . That kind of question goes really deep . Even more when he says that he is rich for the recognition he gets from Magnum . Recognition he didn't get even from his family. Martin you end up being also a great interviewer. Thanks for that .
Alex Reshuan
November 30, 2005
It's great to be able to listen to the young magnum generation. Thanks a lot ! I also find it great that they accepted to be interviewed.
November 30, 2005
Thanks Martin for posting. I really liked the interview and found I got some helpful positive tips. I like the idea a lot! Looking forward to seeing more in the future. Cheers!
November 30, 2005
I enjoyed meeting you at Woodstock in August with Alex and Rebecca. Look forward to listening to the interviews. Andy
November 30, 2005
I enjoyed listening to it (while multitasking). He's nice to hear talking. A tigher edit would make it less personal, less of a 'portrait'. But most of the pieces were too short; having to restart every few minutes was a bit of an annoyance. Overall, good work, though.
Bee Flowers
November 30, 2005
a little long I think. What you asked and what he answered, fine, that's the framework you created, and his honest answers. But, he tends to hem and haw a bit...personally I would have editted his answers, without changing the thought behind them, to eliminate some of his stumbling and hesitations. 45 minutes of "ummmm", "well", "I'm not the person you should ask this", etc. is all very revealing of his humbleness, and the thought he puts behind his answers, but it only needs to be "published" once or twice for us to get the idea.........after that, just cut that stuff out in the editting room, and leave the guts of the answers. my guess is it would end up to be about a 30 minute interview and pretty fast paced, but not lose anything in the translation....IMHO
Thomas Sullivan
November 30, 2005
Martin, These interviews are a fantastic idea. Very welcome. Please keep them coming.
CD Thacker
November 29, 2005
Martin you amaze me more and more. Where did you take the time from to do all that. You photographed like hell during your stay in New York, you worked on your blog all the time, posted an entry every day and now you even publish interviews you did during that time. congratulations!
November 29, 2005
i listened to a few of the clips....very interesting and informative. thanks for sharing.
dan [lookcloser]
November 29, 2005
Hey Martin, I've just discovered your blog. I'm seeing plenty of good stuff in there !! I'm wondering if you're still using your M6 .. Wouldn't it be more appropriate than a Canon DSLR for quiet photography in Magnum office for example ?? Just wondering ... I'm going to listen to these interview and might spread the word on my website if you don't mind ... Fred @ 400iso.com
November 28, 2005
great photos. great photoblog.
November 28, 2005
Good job martin, I only got to see Simon Wheatly's photos so far but I will work on down loading the chapters one at a time for my commute to deutch Courses.


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Audio interview with Magnum photographer Simon Wheatley

Magnum Photographer Simon Wheatley

As I have mentioned before I am starting a series of interviews with photographers. My first interview partner was Magnum nominee Simon Wheatley from London. I met him when he came to visit New York in September for about three weeks.
We wanted to do this interview earlier already but decided to wait until we could meet in person. A good decision since we got the chance to get to know each other a little better.
The interview was recorded on September 27th within the Magnum New York office. We ended up talking for about two hours. It was a really good and interesting conversation which I want to share with you in a shortened version.

The Audio Interview

I divided the interview into 11 chapters. It is only available in MP3 format which I hope will be convenient for you. Just grab the MP3s, put them on your MP3 player and listen to them on your way to work or while wandering around the streets on the lookout for new subjects and situations to photograph. The total length of all 11 chapters is 45 minutes and 46 seconds. In addition to the audio interview you can view a selection of 32 photographs taken by Simon Wheatley in London, Amsterdam and Mexico.

Simon Wheatley talks about his beginnings in the world of photojournalism, about an important time he spend in Hungary, about the importance of loneliness, about getting close, about depressing work, how he got in touch with Magnum Photos, about Magnum the ice cream, he offers advice for aspiring photographers and much more.

Upcoming Interviews

The next interviews have already been recorded. It's Joachim Ladefoged from the VII photo agency and Chris Anderson from Magnum Photos. More to come.

I hope that you'll enjoy this interview. Please let me know what you think. Any sort of feedback and improvement suggestions are highly appreciated. Did you always wanted to get answers on certain questions by a photographer? Let me know the questions!

Posted by Martin Fuchs on November 28, 2005 03:12 PM

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