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December 27, 2005
that's it, exchange services is a great thing. knowing that for some companys is more easier sponser with ther own products, why not take advantadge on? :) you are in the good way martin, because every day (showing your dedicated work) you justity the trust that your sponsers gave on you.
nelson d'aires
December 18, 2005
nice stuff. those spyder2's rock my socks off. cant wait to see your future plans unfold.
December 18, 2005
You are going the right direction Martin. Am looking forward to see more of your new projects.
Mike D.
December 17, 2005
Calibration of your monitor is a great step forward but I experienced ( many times) that the final results depends on the company which is printing your pictures. The differences between stores can be huge. I understand this is caused by the way they calibrate their machines, the operators and the age of their developers. As an ex-printer I know that if not everybody uses the same standards you can't expect a constant quality and the same color results.
December 17, 2005
Hey man! Go and take photos again! Well maybe I guess you do but post new ones! Hope your problem with the computer is solved.
December 16, 2005
First of all: No I am not related to Alex Webb in any way. ;-) Second: I follow your blog for a long time already but never commented. I am curious to hear about your future plans! Congrats to your blog and to your sponsorship (or partnership) deals. Take care, Sue
Susan Webb
December 16, 2005
I wonder how do you gather such sponsors! Good Luck!
Ehsan Maleki
December 16, 2005
Hey Martin! Gratulations for your new sponsorship deal. I admire your abilities not only to take great photographs but also your abilities of letting the world know of them and they way you share your stories and experiences! All the best, Peter Waldinger
Peter Waldinger


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Friends Of ColorVision
December 15, 2005 Sponsored byCanon

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A partnership with ColorVision

Hey together! There was much going on lately. I've been very busy preparing a lot of different things but I'll let you know more about that tomorrow. Today I would like to inform you about a new partnership between ColorVision and New York Photoblog.

ColorVision is a new partner of New York Photoblog

I got in touch with ColorVision only a couple of days ago to tell them about the last 7 months, about what I've been doing so far and what my future projects and goals are. Their response was not only super fast but also extremely scooping and friendly. Christoph Gamper, ColorVision Europes General Manager, agreed to send me their top monitor display calibration tool Spyder2PRO Studio. But not only did he agree to send me their monitor calibration hard- and software but he also promissed to send me a new version of their pinter profiling system PrintFIX. I was offered help with all concerns of color management and I was offered to join "Friends Of ColorVision" a small network of photographers who rely on ColorVision as their partner.

I lost the calibration of my monitor when I had to reinstall the operating system on my laptop about two weeks ago which really got me into troubles because I had to edit and retouch a couple of photographs for print. With the support of ColorVision I'll have the possibility to finally work in a complete and good color management workflow.

When I thought of monitor calibration I thought of very complex and above all very expensive systems. And no doubt, there are extremely expensive systems out there to do this job. But if you look at the prices of ColorVision you'll see that their basic solutions already start at about 85 Euros (or 89 US dollars) and even their professional solutions do only cost 299 Euros (or 299 US dollars). I think this is worth the money if you are dealing with digital images and want to make sure that what you see on your screen is what you get on your print.
And they've got a good network. They are partners of TPW, the Toscana Photographic Workshops. Check out the website of TPW and take a look at the lecturers of their 2006 workshops. I bet you'll have to fall on your knees. I wanted to take part in a workshop their for a couple of years already but so far I was never able to afford it.

By the way, ColorVision is not only leading the monitor calibration market but they are also Switzerlands biggest beer brewers... I will have to find out how this strange relationship between digital colors and swiss beer started. Too bad I don't like beer... ;-)

So this is a further step for me and it complies with my philosophy of exchanging services. Of course I'd be happy if I found someone actually giving me loads of money for what I am doing but basically I'd prefere a world which is based on exchanging services. So thank's a lot to my main sponsor for digital photography equipment Canon Europe and to ColorVision for sponsoring me with their advice and equipment in all belongs of color management!

Posted by Martin Fuchs on December 15, 2005 11:59 PM

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