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July 04, 2005
isn`t the ps1 in Queens?
July 03, 2005
i like very much the photos of this blog, i would like go to NY some day, congratulations!


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5Pointz Graffiti in Brooklyn

5Pointz Graffiti in Brooklyn

5Pointz Graffiti in Brooklyn

After going to Red Hook today (where I actually felt a little uncomfortable, getting kind of lost in the Projects there, not knowing where to go) I took the G train back to the Court House Square station to catch the 7 train bringing me back to Flushing.
Before hopping onto the train I wanted to smoke a cigarette and went for a little walk in this area. PS1, the Contemporary Art Center of the Museum of Modern Art is located there. Tons and tons of people where lining up to get in for the Saterday afternoon warm up party at PS1. Nice music playing but a ridiculous long wait to get inside.
On the other side of the street was an old factory building with beautiful graffiti pieces on the wall (see for yourself). I went over to take a closer look and mentioned that the whole building was somehow used as a painting surface for graffitis.

Graffiti writer Cyde one

I walked around the corner and saw a bunch of people standing in front of walls painting graffitis. One of these people was "Cyde one" a graffiti writer from Switzerland. He came to the States for two weeks to team up with a graffiti group - painting some walls. The walls they used were in dark shadow already when I arrived their so I decided not to photograph them. But I'll come back to do so.

The factory building which is covered into graffiti pieces is administrated by 5Pointz. 5Pointz stands for the five boroughs of New York. It's a place for showcasing wonderful, artistic graffiti paintings on the walls of this old factory which is partly still in use as a clothing factory and partly used as artists studios.
Wow, thats the kind of graffitis you are looking for after arriving in New York but they just can't be found walking the streets of Manhattan. You have to know where to go since the big times of illegal graffiti writing onto walls and trains is over for a long time already.

Posted by Martin Fuchs on July 2, 2005 11:54 PM

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