Wedding Presets and Lightroom 5

  • Checking in on that review before editing your wedding picture
  • Lightroom 5 and how you can use it for your wedding images
  • Creating beautiful wedding photos with Lightroom 5

Many use Lightroom 5 for a lot of reasons. Aside from the fact that using this app expedites your editing procedure, it is also capable of churning out the best effects for your photos.


Especially with wedding photos. Lightroom 5 has all the amenities for you to have that great wedding photo in the process. You can experiment with this app, though, the moment you have downloaded it, but it still pays to learn from this Lightroom 5 wedding presets review.

If you can read a Lightroom 5 wedding presets review, chances are, you don’t need to worry anymore about what type of effect or motif that you can incorporate in your wedding photos, and Lightroom 5 will show you a listing of the best presets for that, so you can improve it the way it should be.

Most of the things that you can get from this Lightroom 5 wedding presets review are solutions for you to employ, and have a better photo editing. With so many presets to choose from, your wedding pictures will have the enhancement of a lifetime, putting a smile on that viewers face, and enriching the experience attached to that photo.

Those are more or less the effect of this Lightroom 5 wedding presets review. You can’t possibly have that with other apps, and you could say that Lightroom is making ways for you to ornament your wedding photos more than you can imagine.

Wedding photographers have their specific style of dealing with their subjects. They don’t shoot photos right away, they always consider the tools that they use. So if you can give these Lightroom presets to them, that will come as suitable presents for a photographer who is dealing with wedding pictures, day in and day out.
So start reading this Lightroom 5 wedding presets review, and create more stunning and beautiful wedding photos in the long run. Wedding photography has never been this good for quite some time. Only with Lightroom 5.

These Amazing Drones from QuadCopter Guru

  • Choosing these cool drones from
  • A list of reviews to read about drones and quadcopters at QuadCopter Guru
  • Amazing photo and video angles by using drones from

The web is replete with sites that offers quadcopters of all shapes and sizes. There seemed to be an endless list of amazing quadcopters online even as more and more photographers and videographers are using these things.

1 is among the many sites online that offers drones (another name of quadcopters) with some special features on it. Quadcopters are multi-rotor mini planes that can carry a camera with it for a much improved bird’s eye view angle. It is one of the gadgets that filmmakers use for their production in order for them to achieve variety and texture over a single scene.

Now, there’s a list of amazing quadcopters that you can read or buy at Yes, read, because it has a collection of reviews, too, so you can know more about these amazing gadgets that are capable of giving diversity as far as positioning and angle goes.

What a privilege if you can have this list of amazing quadcopters with you, courtesy of You need not go further online just to know more about this awesome drone that accentuates your photography and video-making adventure.

Get to know more about these gadgets, what they can actually add to your video-making, what leverage it can give you over other videographers. Needless to say, these quadcopters enhances your chances of generating more clients as soon as they see how awesome your images are.

So you need to check out this site right now,, and read their list of amazing quadcopters that you can use for your photos and videos. There’s no other way you can improve these images other than checking out

Cameradojo And Its Reviews

  • What are drones
  • Things to do when looking to buy one
  • How can cameradojo help in that matter

Drones, otherwise called “quadcopters” are quickly becoming the gadget to own. More and more people are getting into the trend of buying one for their own amusement or other purposes, whatever they may be. Drones are unmanned flying vehicles that can be operated remotely through a controller or nowadays, an app on a cell phone. Yes, that’s how cool it is. These drones can fly through the use of rotors which propel them upwards and take flight. Most manufacturers have added a slight flavor by adding a built-in camera capable of taking images and videos.

So, if you are planning to do aerial photography and thinking of getting one, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. First is to determine what you need the drone for. Will it be just for still images, or will you need to take videos?
  2. What other features are more important for you? There are a couple of things you need to figure out. Among those are flight time, downlink range and autopilot mode are the 3 things that come to mind when doing your research.
  3. What is your budget? Drones can be a bit pricey especially if you are going for the high end ones.
  4. Camera quality is also important. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and later on find out that the images you took are crap.

Reviews give you so much option when it comes to buying the appropriate gadget for your photography. As in the case of purchasing that supplement at, they have these iherb promo codes, so that you’ll have the perfect supplement in return. And that also applies with cameradojo and their informative reviews.

When you do your research, make sure to check flying drone reviews of 2016 at cameradojo reviews because it will guide you on which drones to go for. What those drones’ strong points are and what their disadvantages are. Flying drone cameradojo reviews are also honest and precise, so you need not worry about authenticity. Just remember, when shopping for a camera drone, compromise where you can but don’t settle for less.

Installing Lightroom Presets

  • What are lightroom presets
  • How do you install it
  • Where can I get free presets

In the field of image post processing software, only one company is king. That company is Adobe. They made Photoshop which is widely regarded as the best image post processing software in the business today simply because it can do anything you want it to do. You can manipulate elements of an image using this software. Whether you want to add or remove something, you can do it with Photoshop. But, Adobe didn’t stop there. They have also developed a more streamlined software that is more inclined to the photographers. It’s called Adobe Lightroom.

Lightroom is an image post processing software that is capable of non-destructive edits that Photoshop can do. Aside from that, it can also manage all the pictures in your computer. You can arrange and organize them using its library capabilities. Lightroom also has a unique feature where you can import and export presets. These presets are pre-saved settings that you can apply to any number of photos.

So how do you install it then? Follow these instructions:

  1. Download the lightroom presets free file. It should be a zip or rar file depending on which software you are using.
  2. Make sure to extract it and remember where you extracted it to.
  3. Open Adobe Lightroom.
  4. Go to the Develop option and click New Preset Folder on the menu.
  5. Make sure to populate it with the preset you downloaded before you click Create.
  6. Now, open an image and go to the section that says Presets.
  7. Click the Develop module and select the folder you just populated. Right click on the folder and hit Import.
  8. Go to the folder and make sure to select all the preset files. Presets files have an .lrtemplate suffix in them.
  9. Hit the Import button. Once it is done, you can restart Adobe Lightroom.
  10. You can now access the presets you downloaded.

Pretty simple right? If you are looking for lightroom presets free, you can visit Sleeklens’ website. They provide amazing free presets that you can use.

Benefits You Can Get with Adobe Lightroom Tutorials

  • A photo app that offers a video tutorial for your photo editing
  • Easy to follow photo editing tips from Adobe Lightroom
  • Editing your photo in a more personal way through Adobe Lightroom tutorials

Seldom can you find a photo enhancing solution that offers  tutorial as one of its main features. That is more or less you get when you download Adobe Lightroom into your unit, you’ll have a corresponding video tutorial for you to get acquainted and make further improvements to your photos.


An Adobe Lightroom tutorial shows you how to navigate the tool, not just in an easy way, but in so many ways. This enables you to experiment with your photos in the process, because this tutorial is quite comprehensive enough that even non-photographers can easily understand.

But why is an Adobe Lightroom tutorial so valuable? Why is Lightroom providing you with a tutorial as soon as you download these tools for your photos.

  1. Personal and Experimental – This is, by far, one of the unique traits of Adobe Lightroom, you get to enhance your photo after your own heart. And a lesson or two from this Adobe Lightroom tutorial will jump start your desired of creating photos that suits your fancy and in your own experimental way.
  2. The Luminosity of It – If you can enhance your photo images in a way that they almost look like real characters, then this Adobe Lightroom tutorial will lead you there. Adobe Lightroo has the capacity to improve the aura of your photo images as if they are real, not just flat images crowding in your photos.

These two elements alone give you an idea on how your Adobe Lightroom tutorial can help as far as enhancing the texture, color and luminosity of your photos.

Download an Adobe Lightroom preset now and start learning from this cool Adobe Lightroom tutorial. And you will see the difference later.

Filtering and Photoshop

  • A photography tool that allows you to filter unnecessary lines in your photo
  • Editing images like a professional designer or photographer with Photoshop
  • Easy editing using a filtering process with Photoshop

A picture, so they say, is worth a thousand words. You can actually deduce a lot of meanings in a single picture, perceptions about what this photo had to say about a particular incident. Imagine, though, if you can enhance your photo in a professional manner, a thousand words might be too short to describe that kind of feeling.


You can have that feeling if you use a Photoshop filter to your photos. Filtering in photography is a craft, and that not everyone can do this kind of trick, unless, of course, if you’re a professional with all the necessary tools for you to make intricate enhancements for your photos.

This Photoshop filter allows you to make detailed adjustments to your photos. You may either filter the color scheme or the amount of light used on your photo images, an editing trick that is quite possible with the use of appropriate tools.

So if you are a beginner when it comes to photo editing, this Photoshop filter will do the trick for you. Be not afraid to experiment with this tool because it is user-friendly and that you can save your work with its customized storing system.

There are no unnecessary lines if you can use this Photoshop filter on your photo images. You see images that are clear, crisp and cool to the eye. No words can express the effect of this Photoshop filter as soon as you are done with your editing.

Get this Photoshop filter today online, and let the beauty of your photo images come out naturally just by using this tool every time you enhance your images. The effects, too, is more than a thousand words.

Awesome Templates for Your Birth Announcement

  • Checking out on birth announcement templates from Infoparrot
  • Affordable, easy-to-access invitation cards for any event, including birth announcements, courtesy of Infoparrot
  • Enhancing the birth of your baby with cool birth announcement invitations

It is always special every time a new baby is born. Parents couldn’t be more proud and excited seeing their precious one, finally, after waiting for nine months. And with so much excitement, sometimes you want to make sure that everyone in the house and even outside of it is given notice of how cute and cuddly this newborn baby is.


So important is the event at times that you felt the need to send out birth announcements, especially when you are in the works for his christening.

Now, Infoparrot understands that too well. We are offering birth announcement templates that suit your style and budget. You need not go any further online to have these birth announcement cards and invitations. Infoparrot has already laid it down for you.

We offer artsy designs that would accentuate the good vibes attached to that particular event, a template that enhances the memories that might be created as soon as your invitation is sent. You can check out our templates today through,, and choose among our collection the appropriate birth announcement templates.

Infoparrot is your ultimate one-stop shop when it comes to editing photos, cards and invitations. Our pool of designers makes sure that you get the best possible solution when enhancing your photos. From plugins to presets to brushes, Infoparrot has all the caches as far as improving the look of your photos and cards, so that your experience is complete. That is how Infoparrot enhance your photography experience.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Infoparrot today, and experience designing photos and cards at its best, including, of course these birth announcement templates.

The Best Laptop for Your Photo Editing

  • Highlighting the best laptop when editing photos
  • A laptop that has a large hard drive and durable processors for speed and accuracy
  • Editing quality photos using quality laptops

Laptops for photography are a dime a dozen these days. With so many of them offering almost the same features, it is becoming too difficult to determine which of these laptops will make wonders for your photos.


So you ask that perennial question, “What is the best laptop for editing pictures?” That is quite difficult considering that laptops wouldn’t matter at all if you use a modern camera for your photos. But one of the best laptops for editing is Dell XPS 15 Touch.

This laptop boasts of having a large 500GB hard drive. So right from the get-go, you can store as much pictures as you want without suffering any breakdown when it comes to speed because it also has a Corei5 processor, affording you enough flow to store, safe keep, share or what have you. Dell XPS is the ultimate laptop when editing actioncam pictures.

Plus, this laptop displays color with a lot of dynamism and that it has that natural look, unlike other laptops that has this superficial coloring even on their icons.

So the question of “what is the best laptop for editing pictures?” The answer to that lies with Dell, in particular Dell XPS 15 Touch.

It has the touch of a professional photographer because it presents images that are so cool and vibrant to the eye, there is naturalness when this particular laptop presents your photos.

So find out more about this photo-friendly laptop online and get yourself acquainted with it. Remember, using the appropriate matter when editing your photos. Dell XPS 15 Touch makes sense because you are actually looking at your photo being magnified on its screen.

By that time, though, you won’t be asking yourself, “What is the best laptop for editing pictures?”

New gallery: A Backstage Look At Magnum Photos New York


Long time no see. I took sort of a break during the last 10 days. I was working on the concept for a new project, I worked on the interview with Simon Wheatley, I met with friends in Vienna, I did some work for Magnum and for the last couple of days I was busy saving my Laptop from dying. Suddenly it started to crash every couple of minutes. I went to buy a second external harddrive, saved all my files on it and reinstalled the operating system. Fortunatly everything seems to work again.
Anyways, regarding the job at Magnum in London. I didn’t get an answer yet. I’ll have to wait another couple of days.

New gallery with images from Magnum

Today I am updating the blog with a new gallery showing images I took during my time at Magnum. It’s mosty snapshots. This new gallery is a tribute to those behind the scenes. The photographers do a great job, but let’s not forget about the people who work for all the Magnum photographers and who dedicate theirselfs to this job. Working at Magnum is certainly not the best payed job in the world so people don’t work at Magnum for the money. Damn, if it’s not because of the money… Why do they work there? Because of their passion. This gallery is a tributen to my colleagues at the Magnum Photos office in New York as it is to give you a better insight in the work circumstances there. It was good fun and I really never had another job which I only liked nearly as much as this one. Originally I wanted to record all the staff. Everybody should have told me their name, what they are doing at Magnum and sort of a nice and funny anecdote about work. I started doing that but since I left New York five days earlier then expected I couldn’t finish this. So no sound this time.

I hope you enjoy this little look backstage! Let me know what you think and the next update will be the Simon Wheately interview.

Audio interview with Magnum photographer Simon Wheatley


As I have mentioned before I am starting a series of interviews with photographers. My first interview partner was Magnum nominee Simon Wheatley from London. I met him when he came to visit New York in September for about three weeks.
We wanted to do this interview earlier already but decided to wait until we could meet in person. A good decision since we got the chance to get to know each other a little better.
The interview was recorded on September 27th within the Magnum New York office. We ended up talking for about two hours. It was a really good and interesting conversation which I want to share with you in a shortened version.

The Audio Interview

I divided the interview into 11 chapters. It is only available in MP3 format which I hope will be convenient for you. Just grab the MP3s, put them on your MP3 player and listen to them on your way to work or while wandering around the streets on the lookout for new subjects and situations to photograph. The total length of all 11 chapters is 45 minutes and 46 seconds. In addition to the audio interview you can view a selection of 32 photographs taken by Simon Wheatley in London, Amsterdam and Mexico.

Simon Wheatley talks about his beginnings in the world of photojournalism, about an important time he spend in Hungary, about the importance of loneliness, about getting close, about depressing work, how he got in touch with Magnum Photos, about Magnum the ice cream, he offers advice for aspiring photographers and much more.

Upcoming Interviews

The next interviews have already been recorded. It’s Joachim Ladefoged from the VII photo agency and Chris Anderson from Magnum Photos. More to come.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this interview. Please let me know what you think. Any sort of feedback and improvement suggestions are highly appreciated. Did you always wanted to get answers on certain questions by a photographer? Let me know the questions!