I am a freelance photojournalist/documentary photographer from Vienna, Austria and I am currently doing a 6-months internship at the renowned photo agency Magnum Photos in their New York City office.
During the last four years I’ve been earning my living through graphic-design. Yes, I am good at it but it’s more or less just a way of earning money. My passion is photography.

Self-portrait, November 2003, Vienna

I am following the work of Magnum photographers for quite a few years now and it has always been kind of a dream to work with them one day. Following a strong commitment from my side and an invitation to Magnum Photos in June 2004, I got this great chance to do an internship in New York. I hope to get an excellent insight into the working processes at Magnum as well as the methods of its associated photographers.
My girlfriend and family support me in such a great way. It has not been a problem to leave Vienna for half a year. So I decided to start a weblog for this time posting notes from my daily life as well as current photos. Kind of an online diary.

Since I knew that I wanted to use the time in NYC to work on new stories beside my time at Magnum I stared to think if I couldn’t even get more out of this stay…
I then sat down and wrote a concept for my project. During the course of this project I will take appr. 15.000 photos on various topics. A selection of photos are published on this Weblog.

Canon Europe was kind enough to support my project with a high-class digital SLR equipment. This is my first time shooting digital. Going digital for my project was the perfect decision. It supports me in shooting whatever and wherever I want to. Read a bit more about my sponsor and the equipment further down this page.

If you’d like to support me as well, please spread the word about this photoblog or send me an e-mail. I am very thankful for visitors to this site!

The Sponsor

Thanks a lot to Ian Lopez and Anna Farrell, the technical equipment for this project is sponsored by Canon Europe. About 15.000 photographies will be taken within a 6 month period in New York City using the provided equipment by Canon.

All pictures have been taken with a Canon EOS 20D, with a Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM and a EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens.

The Canon EOS system is a combination of high-performance autofocus SLR cameras and world-class electronic-focus lenses. The EOS range is the first choice for many professional photographers everywhere in the world.
I’d realy like to thank Canon for supporting my project with their equipment.

Questions and Answers

I have put together some frequently asked questions. If you’ve got the feeling that something is missing here, don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail and ask at martin@newyorkphotoblog.com.

How did you get the internship at Magnum? – That’s sort of a nice story. I’ve been to New York for the first time in February 2004. I came here for a week with my girlfriend. A couple of days before flying back home I decided to call Magnum. I told them that I dig the work of Magnum Photographers and asked if I could come over to look at the office, see how everything works. It didn’t work out before I left but stayed in touch with Mark Lubell, Magnums New York Buerau Director.
He later invited me to come back to the opening party of the 2004 Annual General Meeting which took place in New York in June. Almost all Magnum Photographers coming together in one spot! Of course I flew to New York and met Mark and some photographers there.
In fall 2004 I called Mark again to ask him if I could do an internship at Magnum. After sending my resume and a portfolio I called back a couple of times, send a selfmade selfpromotion piece and was then connected to BJ, and Claudine Boeglin from the Magnum In Motion department in which I am interning. We have been talking about our mutual expectations and what we want to do together. After that I booked my flight and off I went to New York.

May I use and/or republish your pictures? – All images on this website are under copyright. If you’d like to use any of these pictrues please contact me.

Do you sell prints? – If you are interested in buying a print please email me.

For how long have you been involved into photography? – I got my first camera when I was about 10 years old. Since that day I was always taking pictures. I started to get really serious with photography about two years ago.

Do you have another website with pictures other then those from New York? – Yes, you can visit my photographic portfolio website at www.martinfuchs.com.

Why do you shoot digital and not film? Where are the differences? – I shot film with a Canon EOS 1 and a Leica M6 rangefinder camera before. There have been a lot of discussions regarding digital vs. film. I don’t want to repeat all that. I think that both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. As always in life there are two sides to each story. I can only say that going digital for my project was the perfect decision. It supports me in shooting whatever and wherever I want to. I can change the ISO speed from one frame to another which is a great advantage. I can shoot hundreds of photographs without having to think about the cost of processing them. I can be faster in viewing and editing the photographs, I can publish them on my website on the same day I shoot them, I can send the pictures to people I photographed immediately and I the quality of the digital images produced with the 20D is amazing. It also helps me to shoot in low light situations since you’ll more likely try to shoot under conditions you normally wouldn’t with film.
And I finally have the possibility to try and shoot color without having to load color film into my camera. Personally, I am not much into color photography just because I have the feeling that I am not very good in it. I think that there are great color photographers out there. Now I start to enjoy that more and more.

I am sure I will not return to film completely. There are just so many advantages a digital camera offers. But I can think of using film for certain projects. For personal stories where I don’t have tight deadlines, for projects were I want to stand in the darkroom again. As mentioned earlier it always depends on what you are doing. There are always two sides to life as well as to photography.

How do you convert your digital RGB files into Black and White images? – I got quite a lot of e-mails asking that. I will be writing a short sort of tutorial in which I’ll explain my way. Stay tuned.

Did you ever take pictures of kangoroos at home? – Actually there are no kangoroos in Austria. I don’t even think that we have some in the Vienna zoo. Austria is about 10.000 miles away from Australia. I’ve never been there…

And how did you realize this website? – I designed and coded the website on my own. The Content Management System is powered by Movable Type.
First I designed all the different types of pages in Photoshop. As soon as I was happy with the layout I started programming those pages in HTML. I am not using a WYSIWYG editor such as Dreamweaver but I am writing the HTML code myself in a prgramm called Macromedia Homesite. It’s a great programm helping to have a better overview of the code you write through different colors used.
The next step was to set up the new Movable Type templates. I just took my HTML pages and inserted the appropriate MT tags into my HTML. Testing, testing, testing and it was done.
A great resource for a lot of tips and tricks concerning Movable Type is a website called “Learning Movable Type“.